K5 Launches With Kia New Logo New Logo

Kia announced on the 24th that it has released “The 2022 K5,” a model-change vehicle for the existing mid-sized car K5. The biggest difference from the previous K5 is that it has a new company logo on the front of the car.
Some convenience devices in the vehicle have also been added. Among the four models, Trendy, Prestige, Noblesse, and Signature, the trendier applied the leather and heating wire of the steering wheel, and the front parking distance warning function was applied to Prestige as the basic specification, not an option. In the case of Noblesse and Signature, wireless charging functions for smartphones are included as a basic feature.
The 2022 K5 price was set at 23.81 million to 30.92 million won for 2.0 gasoline engines, 24.59 million to 31.71 million won for 1.6 gasoline turbo engines, 27.77 million to 33.84 million won for 2.0 hybrid engines, and 26.75 million to 30.87 million won for 2.OLPI. 1.6 Gasoline turbo vehicles have applied steering wheel leather and heating wires to all models (excluding rental cars).

Kia is known to have recently discontinued K5 taxis. The vacancy will be filled by taxi-only models that will be released next year.

According to the industry, Kia ended production of medium-sized taxis in September after one old K5 (JF)-based taxi was released. The company plans to continue selling only K8 and Niro EV-based taxis without releasing the current K5 (DL3) taxis.

The vacancy of the K5 taxi will be replaced by a new taxi-only model next year. The main character is the taxi-only model “PBV01,” which was recently mentioned through investment briefings and CEO interviews. It is heard that taxi-only models based on the new Niro EV (SG2 EV) will apply various specifications specific to passengers. Collaboration with T-money has also been formalized to develop and install dedicated meters.

On the other hand, Hyundai Motor plans to continue producing old-fashioned Sonata-based taxis for the time being. This is because the supply and demand of Staria Lounge-based taxis as well as the Ioniq 5 taxis launched this year are limited. As Grandeur taxis are also limited to high-end and personal demand, production is inevitable to meet the demand for corporate taxis.

An official from the taxi industry explained, “Medium taxis have been chosen in consideration of purchase and maintenance costs, but these days, many corporations order electric vehicles and hybrids to reduce fuel costs,” adding, “Considering that vehicles such as EV6 and QM6 are in personal demand.” k5 중고차 가격

Vehicles operating in the taxi market are becoming more diverse. Platform taxi operators such as Kakao Venti, Tada, and I.M are putting in vans such as Staria and Carnival, and there are cases of converting QM6 LPe into taxis among private taxi drivers.